Because I went to sleep last night pretty late - actually much to late ;P
I was pretty tiered in the morning … - but a morning-coffee waked me up ;)

When I went out of bed (actually a bit to late ;) and made my breakfast one safety device was killed by electrical energy, as I toasted my toast …
So one I fixed it quickly - as technical engineer it just took me few seconds ;)

Today was pretty interesting - I reached a point at my project, which made it even more interesting as it is already :)
So on my time run by so quickly, that I had to go home, after taking a short look at my watch :P

Actually there wasn’t much else going on this day …

The weather is still really crazy !
Mostly doesn’t rain, but from time to time (probably each half an hour) a really short rain comes by - it starts every time from one second to another and goes for couple of minutes - after these few minutes it stops again in just few seconds …
But during the few minutes of rain, you have really good chances to see a fish swimming by on eye level - it’s just amazing, how much water comes down in a second !

Kind Regards