Actually I had much luck !
I told you yesterday, that I forgot my umbrella at work, and I thank Good, that it dind’t rain at today’s morning =)

My work is still really interesting !
The time runs so quick at work - it’s amazing …
Yesterday I went like usually at lunchtime with my colleague to Tascos, which is a big super market …
I always bring for lunch a toast, which I create each morning with me, but I like to buy at Tascos one or two bananas and it’s nice, to walk a bit in your one hour lunch break

Normally I’m driving with Guy, which my colleague sitting right next to my table over there … - but he hadn’t time yesterday and so I went with Andrew and Trevor to Tascos … - we walked over there (it’s not really far away ;) and talked really a lot !

Today my way home was pretty good, because Andrew (other Andrew then the first one ;) took me up till Altincham - I saved about 20 minutes, because going by car is much faster than going by bus ;P

At the afternoon it started raining again, but it wasn’t that bad … - just a little bit …

Kind Regards