Todays evening I will (hopefully :P) start my big journey to Great Britain

I already finished all my planning and I also booked a car ferry weeks ago.
Actually I got a pretty good price - it will only cost me € 56,- (USD 76.30, CAD 80.00 and GBP 37.95 ;)
The ferry will take me up in two hours from
France to Great Britain over the north see …

Two days ago I finally changed my route the last time, so that my cousin Anna can drive with me till Brussels (capitol of Belgium) with me.
That will give me finally the option to be a bit faster than I planned, because we can take turns in driving this big van :)

I plan to take off between 6 and 10 pm. We will drive through the nights (and make brakes to sleep on days), because that will keep us away from the possibility to get into bad traffic jam ;)

Today I’m the whole day busy to get my campervan finish … - it’s pretty stressful, because I didn’t had as much time as I expected last week to finish everything … - my school was longer stressful then I planned it will be :P

I will (hopefully ;) write you in my next post, how I finally took off from home ;)

Kind Regards