Hi an welcome to my blog =)

Over here you can easily be up to date,
how I’m doing right now in the
UK :)

This blog is managed in English, because I have many friends from the US, Canada and the UK, who also like to read all the daily stories about my big adventures …

I’m probably not the best English writer you know, but I’m working on it,
to get it to a professional level :)

So if you find any really hard mistake (could be a wrong use of tense or just a wrong spelling ;) please tell me as soon as possible … -> in that case just write me an e-Mail to sebisoft.at@gmail.com
- but how ever - I’m always happy about new e-Mails
- so please write me anyway ;P

To explain short, in which big adventure I’m right now:
Half year ago I started to search for a summer job, because I have to work a total of two month behalf of my school education.
To make my work more exciting I asked always for a nice job in any other European countries (except
Germany, Italy and France), because I plant to connect my work experience with training my English in a professional way =)

So I requested few companies and also Brammer Austria, for which I once wrote their whole website - it’s only available in German, but you can take a look anyway: just click here ;)

Few months ago my Austrian boss Karl Mühlbauer told me, that he can maybe organise a nice job in the UK for me. That sounds more than good to me and so on I started to translate my resume into English to send it with an English written job application up to Great Brittan :P

During my spring break, when I stayed for an exchange student program with my school class in San Francisco, I got a first answer from John Cutts =)
- just take a look:
Hi Sebastian,

I am delighted to advise that BRAMMER in the UK are able to offer you a summer work placement in the Information Systems department, based in Manchester.

At your earliest convenience, please can you telephone me so that we can discuss your preferred dates and make the necessary arrangements for your stay in Manchester.


John Cutts
Head of Information Systems

As soon as I returned safety from (the beautiful :)
California, I took my phone and called John, to get more information about my work offer …

In the following weeks I worked out all the details - where will I stay, how do I come over there and what will I need for my journey ...

I soon decided that it will be the best way for me, to take my grandmothers old camper van to travel up over there - because then I will have the option to travel a bit around on my free weekends and see a bit more of the UK than only Manchester :)

I started to plan all these things and got in contact with Liz Latimer (very friendly person :) of Brammer UK Ltd., which helped me a lot to find a nice campsite over here.

This blog will start with the day, on which I started with the camper into the direction of Great Britain :)

Hope you will have much fun, with reading all my stories !

Kind Regards