Today I had to stand up (like each day ;) at 6:30 am
Because it rained during the night quite a lot, it got really cold - it only had about 10°C (50° Fahrenheit) outside …

That made me getting quite fast awake :P

I arrived 10 minutes to late at my work, because they closed a street and so on the bus went a longer way around the street building site, but actually it wasn’t any problem, because I have anyway flexible working time ;P

The day went by really fast, because I’m getting a better used in the stuff I’m writing and it’s really interesting and cool to write and work in MS Web Developer :)
A workmate (I met him today the first time, because he was in holiday at last week ;) took me along for half of my route (till Altringham) - where he dropped me off at the police station … - I went over there, because I lost my wallet on last Monday and wanted to report this …
After I did it I perfectly reached the next bus, and so on I arrived fortunately at my campervan :)

The weather started pretty good in the morning, but I soon know it won’t hold during the whole day (I’m in Great Britain - it must rain at least once a day over here :P ) - and so on it started to rain in the afternoon …
Now it stopped again, but I don’t think, it will stay for a long time dry ;P

Today I will go soon to bed, because I’m pretty tired - to concentrate a total of 7 hours a day makes you really tired ;P

Kind Regards