Today it rained nearly the whole day long …
In the morning the weather wasn’t that bad … - but during the day it got more and more worst …

My day started pretty good and my working time run by as fast as usually …
At lunch I drove like normal with Guy to Tesco, to buy two bananas ;P
Actually I shopped this time a bit more and bought everything I will need for the weekend :)

This day we had a special meeting at 4 o’clock … - it was a meeting for the whole company (but actually they spited the people into two meetings) to tell there worker, how good the company is going and that the business is pretty good and everything ok :)
The presentation was given by Ian, who is the Managing Director of Brammer UK Information System Organisation. (in which I’m now in ;)
I already had contact with Ian during my application at Brammer and it was nice to meet him.
The presentation was pretty good and told us, that the business goes really good at the moment … - Brammer is still Europe’s biggest company at this branch.
The presentation started a bit too late and so on I finished my work day a bit later than usually at 5:20 pm

My way back home was really crazy - but I will tell you tomorrow, how crazy it really got … - I’m now just tired and will soon go to bed ;)

Here are two pictures, which I took three days ago:
First a picture of my campervan :)

And another Picture from me in my work clothes :)

King Regards