Today started with a beautifully sunny morning … - but as I expected it won’t hold, it started to rain in the afternoon …

Actually it just rained from time to time and I’m lucky, that I didn’t got wet at my home way :)

This day run by really really fast (it’s getting faster and faster :P )
- and actually there wasn’t much else going on

At my home way I started a conversation with a lady in the buss, which I meet each day in the morning … - probably I will speak from now on also in during my way to the company pretty much English ;P

At the evening I first wrote pretty much small E-Mails :P and phoned haven hour with GTalk with voice over IP for free with my family :)
So on I heard, that my little sister Veronika arrived healthy in the
US :)
She will be over there for about a month (I think so ;)

Now it’s after 9 o’clock pm and I will soon go to bed, because I got waked up one hour to early this morning … - I timed because of a time miscalculation the alarm clock of my mobile phone one hour to early :P

You will here from me tomorrow ;)

Kind Regards