Today I finished what I begun yesterday - I finished the design of my new project and we send the PPT presentation, which I created to the management …

Today I was still pretty tired, because I went also yesterday far too late to bed …
How ever - 2 coffees did a good job and I didn’t fall asleep till work ;P

After my work I went a little bit shopping to a really big Tesco in Altrincham (next to the big bus station, where I have to stop each day :)
I bought everything I will need for the next weekend, because I’m planning to drive to
York, which is about 145 km (90 m) away.

Now I will make myself a big sandwich and after dinner I will probably clean up my camper van a bit :)

The weather is at the moment really good - it sun came out and it got about 24°C (75°F) - which is for over here pretty hot ;P
But actually they already send warnings in newspaper and radio that a thunder storm is on its way to
Manchester … - so it will probably be pretty rainy on the weekend …

I will probably post tomorrow my day a bit later than usually, because I will drive right after working to York

Kind Regards