I went up today after 10 am and decided after I had a comfortable breakfast to go shopping at the Trafford shopping centre, which is really big :)

Over there I bought some new sandals and some food (toast, bread and a little packkage of milk from England).
I also brought a box of tissue, because I ran out of them ;)

After a meal at Subway (btw.: never ever eat at an English Subway -> it taste not nearly as good as normally -> I really didn’t enjoy it ! :P ) I took the next bus …
It got to a small adventure, as I realized, that the next bus had the right number (I needed a bus with number 100), but my bus drove into the wrong direction …
So actually I travelled around in whole Manchester, till I got to the end station, where I had to wait 25 minutes, till the next bus (with number 100 ;) took me to my place …
It was quite interesting, to see this area - I used the bus trip as a sightseeing tour ;P

Now I wend back home and spent a lot time in answering mails ;)
I will now quickly eat dinner, take a shower and go to bed early, because tomorrow I have to get up again at 6:30 am - which isn’t very easy ;P

Today the weather wasn’t that bad … - the sun shone a lot and it got soon pretty warm :)
But at evening the weather turned again in typical British weather ;P
A short electrical storm came across and it started to rain again - so on the air get cold again - at the moment it only has about 13°celsius (55.5° Fahrenheit) outside - brrr ;P

Kind Regards